Google Voice

So yesterday I looked in my Gmail account and found a wonderful little e-mail.  Google Voice had invited me to the party.  🙂

Google Voice is one of the coolest services that I have heard about lately.  It basically gives you a number (any location you want) and anytime someone calls that number, it will ring all the numbers you setup.  For me, I have my cell in there right now and may think about adding an additional number or two into it down the road.  The cool thing is you can have it setup to say, if your family calls, it will ring your cell phone, home phone and office phone.  Or if it is a co-worker, you can have it only ring your office number.

You can listen to your voicemail on any computer with internet access and the cooler part is that when someone leaves you a message, Google will send you a text or email with whatever the person left on the message.  Very cool.  So if you are in a meeting and you get a phone call and let it go to voicemail, you can get the text to see if it is a “Hey honey, I am going to the store and wanted to see if you needed anything” or a “I’m stuck on the side of the road and need you to come get me.”  It makes it easy to communicate without having to leave the room to listen to the voicemail.

You can also place calls through the web and it will call you and connect you to the person. If someone calls you who you dont know, it will ask them their name before you get on the line and it rings you, and when you pick up your phone, it will let you listen to what the person says and you can then screen the call without having to take it.  If you want to talk to them, you hit 1 and suddenly you are connected.

So far, I have been super impressed by the service.  I am really excited about getting to get to use it more and discover more on how it can keep me connected to my friends, family, and coworkers.

Currently, it is invite only so if you are interested in it, comment on here and I’ll send you an invite if I know you.


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